RBPG membership is open to every Rajasthani Resident in UAE

For more than 4 years, RBPG members have been promoting Rajasthani art work and culture in UAE and have been providing social services in Rajasthan and in UAE (local communities). We have been able to achieve this through funds collected from membership fees, sponsorship and donations. RBPG membership is not a gym or AAA membership that comes with all the usual perks. At RBPG, we recognize that only by collaborating together, we can create sustainable improvements in the quality of life for Rajasthanis and make an impact in our local community. We want you to be a Proud Member of RBPG.


Your membership to RBPG implies your support for our mission

A As a member, RBPG offers you and your family
  • A social platform to enhance your network with Rajasthani Individuals, groups and friends socially
  • Experience the rich art and culture of Rajasthan locally through many of our events throughout the year at member price
  • Assistance to build or expand your business amongst Rajasthani in UAE and Globally
  • Assistance to Investor in Rajasthan through Rajasthan Foundation ( Department of Government)
  • Convert your philanthropic ideas into reality. If you have a social project that you want to execute in Rajasthan or in your local community, RBPG can help you collaborate, share idea, and find support resources to make the dreams come true.
  • Assistance to any needy Rajasthani in distress

No one in RBPG is paid a salary or has a perk. We all are volunteers, passionate about our cause. Hence all of the funds collected through membership is spent on social and cultural activities.